How to connect

August 27, 2023

>>>>Download MasterWoW Launcher<<<<<

>>>>>Download Client<<<<<

If you want to play on our server, you need to have our launcher. 

Just put the launcher (MasterWoW.exe) in the folder where you have "wow.exe"

  • Download the World of Wacraft client Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5a Password = masterwow
  • Create account on our website and click "PLAY BUTTON"
  • WARNING: If you want to connect to the server, always use our launcher!

If you can't launch the launcher you need to download NET FRAMEWORK = DOWNLOAD HERE


Older classic way:

Create a game account on our website

>>>>>>>Download the patch-M here and put it in the /data <<<<<<<<<


set realmlist

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